Set your little one up for success with 20 minutes of play a day!

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One Time Offer: These printables were created to compliment Play into Kindergarten Readiness, which is entirely play-based. These printable pages deepen your child's understanding and experience with handwriting, number formation, and more!

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100% Money Back Guarantee: Try it, and if you don't see growth in academic skills and a happy preschooler, I will refund you. Simply email Sarah at
As a FYI It's been a few months since I ordered Kindergarten Readiness and Play into Math and Reading and my son has improved drastically! 

His confidence is back, when we take walks he automatically looks for shapes and numbers, setting the table is his favorite and his scissor skills are unbelievable lol.

I am so thankful for your courses, the idea that I have a plan for him every day is just comforting.

I will start Kindergarten at Home in a few months when he has mastered Kindergarten Readiness. I am just so thrilled that he is motivated again to learn, even though he doesn't know he is learning, it's brilliant!

—Liz S.
I truly recommend this program to everyone!!!

—Shirley S.
One thing I love is that the activities give options for expansion and leave room for creativity. 

I also feel guided because you've included so much of the rationale in the short explanations of the activities. 

I feel very equipped as a parent and I'm learning so much!

—Sara A.
Ahh I seriously can’t tell you how much I’m loving your curriculum! Anyway, I just love all of the things you put out! I’m glad I found you on Insta 👏💜🥰

—Kristin V.
THANK YOU, Sarah. Your suggestions and materials were of great value and your kind and loving teaching style shone through every single idea that came from you.

At this rate, I'm guessing he'll graduate high school at 12?? 🤷‍♀️ Haha

'How Wee Learn' is a wonderful tool. Thanks for sharing it!

—Debbie K. - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions